A little bit a Monica


Does anyone remember this guy? I remember being 9-10 years old listening to Power 92 back in the day. This radio station would do what all stations did, have a “hot x at x”. In the case of Power 92 it was the hot 10 at 10. Back when Mombo #5 was taking the world by storm, I had to painstakingly listen to 10 repeats of the song. That’s right, song 1-10 of the hot 10 at 10 was Mombo #5. It was funny after the second or third time. After the sixth, seventh, and into eighth time…well it was done. And oddly enough that was the start of the decline of that song. People were just starting to get tired of it. I wonder what happened to ol Lou.


Lou, where are you now.



Welcome to organized chaos.

This is a test so I can figure out what the heck I am doing. I am not overly interested in getting this right. I just need to learn what I am doing with this type of thing. There is so much information on the internet but its so spread out everything. I hope to compile together the information that interests me, in one place.